Sarah and Ella’s Lake District Wedding







I first met Sarah and Ella via Video Call after receiving a short to the point enquiry via my website.

When I saw their faces beaming out at me from my screen, I knew instantly I had to be their celebrant (now all I had to do was convince them that they wanted me!)  They both were relaxed and laughed so much.

As I sat chatting to them the time passed so quick!

Not long after our chat, I received the great news that they had chosen me!  HOORAY!

They both had a clear vision for their ceremony and wanted their guests to enjoy their ceremony too, after covid they wished to really celebrate their love and 7 years together.

We met up a couple of times via video call to go through their planning details and to tweak their ceremony.

The couple wanted an Outdoor (Weather permitting) Uplifting, Fun, Traditional Style Wedding at the gorgeous Cartmel Old Grammar Wedding Venue.

This venue is lovely, the team greets you with enthusiasm, nothing is too much trouble and everything seems effortless!


We met at Cartmel Old Grammar to go through the running order and to walk through the ceremony.  It really is a good idea to just walk everything through, so that on the day everything goes to plan (mostly!)

I had popped to get a coffee in Cartmel before heading to the venue – just to warm myself up.  I was greeted with “Where did you get that?” – all looking at the coffee!  The guilt I felt!

As it had decided to rain, well not just rain!  It tipped it down!  You could almost say it was torrential! (We literally all got soaked)!

Through the rain, Ella and Sarah rehearsed walking down the aisle, Sarah had chosen to go first with her bridal party, and then Ella with her bridal party, we talked through that they should enjoy this moment, relax, take in the amazing view, looking up, not down, all the way down the aisle before coming to stand at the front.  After a couple of walk throughs they all nailed it!

It was lovely meeting their family and the bridal parties.


Sarah and Ella had sent me a plan of what their day would look like, they did their best to ensure that they could both relax and enjoy their Wedding Day, which was bubbling with love and friendship (I say bubbling because when I went to see both brides they had a glass of champagne in their hand – always a good sign!)

I had created a very personal wedding celebration ceremony with traditional elements and a personal story of how they met, we kept as a surprise what they loved about each other, and they had shared with me what they are most looking forward to as wife and wife.

The day was gorgeous, the sun was hot, and it was shining, not a cloud in the sky!  Everyone looked beautiful, the venue looked fabulous covered in the flowers designed by one of the brides family.

I went to see the brides in their rooms, they were both smiling, nervous, excited and positively glowing with happiness that the sun was shining, and their day had finally arrived!  I left them both relaxed with their bridal parties and sipping champagne!

I reminded them both to walk slowly down the aisle and to let everything go and “enjoy the moment”!

After a little glitch (unbeknownst to the brides) we had a little difficulty pairing a phone with my speaker, then the phone overheated because it was so hot!

The couple did a “reveal” just before the ceremony – I do think this is a great idea – as it takes away the HUGE build-up which can make some couples so nervous that they are unable to enjoy the moment.

The music started and the entrance down the aisle, past the fountain (beautiful feature) looked awesome from where I was standing.  Sarah walked down first, she was glowing and when the music changed and she turned to watch Ella walk down, she turned to me with the biggest smile, whispering “This is the most perfect day isn’t it?”

YES, I replied.

My heart just soared at that moment – it is magical!

The ceremony went beautifully, with 3 heart-warming readings, all individual and delivered clearly by friends and family.  There was lots of laughter and just a few tears when I read aloud “what they love about each other”.   Both brides had requested not to say too much, the thought of speaking both made them feel nervous, so their vows and promises were in question format – to which they replied “I Do and I Will”. The rings were brought forward by bridesman James, well executed James!

After asking their guests to continue to support them throughout their marriage, I at last announced them as wife and wife – as they kissed there were so many cheers for this very happy couple.

They both sat to sign their certificate and whilst this was happening, we lined their guests along the aisle to throw their rainbow coloured confetti as the brides made their exit – the photos of this are AMAZING!

I will never ever forget this happy wedding day, these two beautiful brides looking so happy and lovingly at each other!!

Happy Ever After & lots of love to you Mrs & Mrs O’Brien may your adventure be long and remain as happy as this day!


“Words can’t describe how thankful we are for everything you did to make sure we had the most perfect Ceremony.  It was the one we always dreamed of, and your support prior to our day meant we could both take it all in and enjoy the moment as much as possible.  We had compliments from all our guests, many who had never seen a celebrant wedding before, and that it was the best ceremony they’ve ever witnessed.

What a perfect day it was.

Thank you.

Mrs & Mrs O’Brien xxx

Photography by @inbetweendaysphotography

Videography by @brightsightphotography

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