Alice & Tom’s Beautiful Family Home Wedding

 (Stunning photography by the talented Andy Gaines)


Alice and Tom first got in touch after a quick google search. It was a matter of moments before we arranged a meeting at Barton Grange Garden Centre (one of my personal favourite places) and got to know each other over a lovely cup of tea! We discussed all the things they had already planned for their day and all the ideas for their ceremony. I was so happy they booked the very next day!

After emails back and forth we began creating their perfect personal ceremony, we agreed a final draft a month before and arranged a date for a rehearsal.

Alice’s home is so important to her, it has many wonderful childhood memories and she couldn’t think of anywhere else she would rather celebrate their marriage. At their stunning home with her loving family and all their friends.

At the rehearsal the day before, we walked through where the ceremony would take place, where Alice and Tom would stand, where they would walk to afterwards and where the guests should be guided to.  


The sun was shining, the house looked truly amazing, with all the flowers blooming in the garden. The orangery glass roof was covered in flowers which gave it that “wow”  factor.  The arch of flowers perfectly framed where they stood and was absolutely outstanding! Tom was in good form on the day and I along with his groomsmen managed to keep him calm. I popped into see Alice who, you can quite clearly see, looked absolutely beautiful. She was so calm and relaxed with her bridesmaids and mum helping her into her dress.

When all the guests were seated, the pianist Richard Hyman began, I asked everyone to stand and all heads turned as the 6 bridesmaids then Alice and her proud dad Stuart walked in.  I always get goosebumps at this part, Tom had to gather himself as he was completely blown away when Alice walked towards him.  It is one of the best moments ever! Both Tom’s father and Alice’s mother shared their chosen readings including one of my favourites from The Bible, Corinthians. After our couple shared their personal promises which they had wrote themselves, they exchanged and wore their wedding rings for the very first time.

Before closing the ceremony I asked Alice and Tom to take a moment, look all around, at the home and how gorgeous it looked, at all their family and friends, then I asked them to turn and look at each other and register how they both felt, before announcing them as husband and wife. Claps, cheers and whooooops as our beautiful couple kissed before walking outside into the glorious sunshine followed by all their guests.

After a lovely glass of champagne and speaking to a few guests, I wished the happy couple the best for the future and left them to their celebrations. Alice and Tom have kept in touch ever since and voted in The Wedding Industry Awards. In the future who knows… maybe I will be lucky enough to be invited back to celebrate a new addition to the family!

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