Kirsty & Joshua’s Outdoor Enchanted Wedding Blessing

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Joshua and Kirsty Outdoor Wedding UK the ceremony company

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Kirsty, Joshua and I met in my local public house in Croston, to talk about there perfect day! I was instantly on board with all their ideas as they both wanted an outdoor, personal wedding blessing at one of their favourite place’s in Rivington (and one of mine too!) the enchanting Spring Cottage. If you haven’t been to this venue or area in Lancashire – go and have a look! It’s breathtaking!
Kirsty wanted the ceremony to include a remembrance for her father, knowing that her day was going to be a very difficult one without him.  Kirsty and Joshua both agreed at this meeting they wanted to book me as their celebrant for their day, and I set to work straight away!
I created a first draft ceremony which included everything we discussed and all the little details they wanted.  We exchanged emails over the following months and finally agreed on a truly perfect ceremony. 
We arranged to meet at the venue, it was great meeting most of the wedding party and getting really excited, calming any nerves and running through the logistics, as the ceremony was going to be held outside. It was at the rehearsal that Joshua decided that he, his best-man LJ and four ushers would also like to make an entrance before the bride! 
It was a perfect summers day, to have an outdoor ceremony,  Spring Cottage looked magical. The sun broke through the trees and there was all but a slight breeze as I listened to the excitement of the guests arriving. Joshua was relaxed and he, his best man and ushers looked very handsome.  Once the guests were seated, they really enjoyed making their entrance just before the bride arrived.
So after the initial excitement of the groom making his entrance, everyone went perfectly quiet to hear Shania Twain’s voice filling the air with “From This Moment”, slowly the five bridesmaids (perfectly timed) walked down the aisle, then a hush came and Kirsty and Sonia her mum made their way to the front of the aisle.  Sonia punched the air, there were tears and then happy laughter.  I cannot tell you how Kirsty looked, is there just one word to describe how absolutely stunning and joyously happy someone is?
As Kirsty made her way down the steps along the grass covered aisle to stand beside her husband. Joshua never stopped smiling and I am sure his eyes misted with emotion! 
Kirsty chose to be given away by her mum Sonia who beamed with happiness and pride.  We took a moment to remember Kirsty’s dad, as Kirsty and Joshua held hands supporting each other. Throughout the ceremony, Joshua and Kirsty only had eyes for each other.
They chose to share a “Story of Us” both reminding and telling their guests the key moments during their 8 and a half years which led to them both standing together, declaring their love for each other.  
We shared a light-hearted moment, when I talked about Kirsty’s love of organising and of Joshua to never forget to keep Kirsty happy!   Our couple chose to exchange one traditional style vow followed by a personal promise which included sharing humorous promises for each other. LJ (the best-man) brought the wedding rings forward, shortly after which I announced our couple as husband and wife. Mr & Mrs Barnard kissed to lots of whoops and applause!
Friends Beth and Callum performed acoustically as they sang “A Thousand Years” (a Christina Perri track) – while the happy couple signed their commemorative certificate with their chosen witnesses their two mums.
Joshua and Kirsty walked back down the aisle towards their waiting drinks to Jack Johnson “Better Together”.   
It really was a perfect day at Spring Cottage – one I will never forget.
Kirsty and Joshua recently sent a tremendous thank you email saying how perfect their day had been! I have to say, they were a perfect couple to work with and you can see from the photos what a fantastic day they both had!
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Romain & Yohann’s English Elopement

The gorgeous Romain & Yohann got in touch from their home in France and we arranged a Skype meeting on Valentines Day. They shared with me how they met and came to be, we bonded over being keen animal lovers – they have three dogs and three cats! They booked an outstanding venue – the stunning Armathwaite Hall Hotel in the Lake District – a very special place to them, as it is where the proposal took place!  How romantic! There was only going to be myself, the couple and a photographer, Gavin Powers, for the ceremony so it was going to be really intimate. We exchanged emails over the next couple of months and created a personal ceremony that celebrated them as a couple, their love and commitment to each other, as they intended to hold their legal marriage in France the following month.

The Rehearsal

We arranged to meet the day before their special day to have a run through and ensure everyone’s expectations would be met. It was also on this day that I was introduced to the wonderful and talented photographer Gavin who would be capturing there special day.

The Blessing and Handfasting Ceremony

The weather was true British weather… Rain! But Romain and Yohann did not let this spoil their day one bit.Dressed in gorgeous matching traditional kilts – with bowties made out of wood, I had never seen anything like them before! Such a handsome couple.

Due to the rain, we held the first part of their ceremony under a pretty pagoda in the gardens of Armathwaite Hall Hotel. It is here that I took Romain and Yohann back over their story, how they met, what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to, they also chose to exchange traditional vows and personal promises. 

Then we took the brave move to hold the next part of their ceremony in a field at the far end of the gardens, under a beautiful old Oak tree, it was a stunning location and more importantly it is exactly what my couple wanted!  

So through the long grass we rambled, me in my heels, the couple in their woollen jackets and kilts and the photographer, the rain could not stop us! The location was perfect and it meant so much to them both – we laughed as we all wondered what a spectacle we were to all the other guests! This only added to the romance and fun of the day!  

Once under the huge oak tree (avoiding the nettles) we began the Handfasting.  Romain and Yohann (although not “Rainbow” kind of guys) wanted to acknowledge and honour Gilbert Baker, choosing rainbow coloured ribbons the symbol for LGBT (which you can see in the photo) we gave thanks to the courageous work and endeavours of people like Gilbert – equality for everyone in all aspects of life and marriage.  

I thought this was not only emotional but an inspirational touch. As it was only the four of us, I had the pleasure of tying the rainbow ribbons together – it really was an honour. Once I had removed the ribbons, never to be untied, our couple exchanged their wedding bands after which I blessed their hands and as a surprise to them both I read a beautiful reading about Love. Before closing the ceremony I asked them both to look around, at the special place they had chosen, asking them to hold in their hearts the true meaning of coming back to where Yohann had proposed, then I blessed their intimate union and congratulated them both as they kissed. Myself and Gavin gave them the biggest round of applause that two people could muster! We all had a lovely glass of bubbles and cup of tea (to warm up) before they changed outfits and left for their photographs.

I have to say these two true gentlemen and their very personal ceremony really is lodged in my heart as being not only beautiful but very meaningful and I’m honoured to have been a part of such a memorable day.

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Fiona and Simon’s Stunning Autumnal City Wedding











Photographs provided by the very talented Shane Webber

Fiona & Simon got in touch both knowing they wanted their ceremony to be much more personal than what is offered by a traditional Registrar.  We arranged to meet one evening at John Lewis at the Trafford Centre (this cafe is a great place to meet) and we chatted over a cuppa!

Fiona had brought along her notes and we discussed all of the ideas for their ceremony.  Fiona and I hit it off and we both got excited about the plans that were beginning to form.  Both Simon and Fiona had been married before and both really wanted something more personal and to be and feel different. After our meeting, I couldn’t wait to create their personal ceremony as their marriage would not only change their lives but that of their 3 children.

Over the next few months, we exchanged emails and agreed on a truly perfect ceremony. We arranged to meet at the venue Great John Street Hotel, Manchester to run through the logistics as the ceremony was on two levels – the ceremony and close family on the mezzanine and guests on the lower ground.


It was a perfect Autumn day, the hotel looked enchanting and the guests began arriving excited. Simon looked relaxed as he greeted guests enjoying a drink while Fiona was finishing getting ready with best friend and bridesmaid Kirstie and two children Dominic & Eirin. I have to say that Fiona’s choice of dress was gorgeous!

Micheal Bublé’s beautiful voice filled the room and there was a real buzz of excitement and anticipation as guests took to their seats.

As 4 pm neared we all got into our positions, Simon and his bestman Chris stood next to me in the centre on the mezzanine, with Simon’s daughter Sophie seated next to him as their beautiful ring bearer. Soon the music changed to Nat King Cole “L.O.V.E.” and the double doors opened… Fiona walked in… she looked stunning! She slowly made her way up the stairs to stand beside Simon. The look on his face when he first saw her was like one of those movie moments. It was as if nobody else was in the room. Fiona’s children Dominic and Eirin looked so cute as they followed behind bridesmaid Kirstie and took their seats close by.

Throughout the ceremony, Simon and Fiona never stopped smiling at each other. Fiona’s close friend Claire shared a reading and quote from the film “Shall We Dance” (which I love) and after Fiona was given away by her father Lord Tom. They exchanged traditional vows and personal promises and we included a special acknowledgement of their new family of “Five”. An amazing moment where the children came forward and all held hands united together to show support for their mummy and daddy’s day. Sophie then brought the wedding rings forward to be exchanged, after which I announced them as husband and wife and our couple kissed to a rapturous round of applause!

They both sat to sign their certificate and I brought the ceremony to a close announcing our couple as Mr and Mrs to everyone. They walked down the stairs to Benny Goodman “Sing, Sing, Sing” to waiting cocktails and bubbles.  Photographs were then taken with their guests and even I managed to have one too, thank you Shane Webber!

Simon & Fiona have kept in touch and sent a lovely thank you email saying how perfect their day had been from start to finish! I have to agree with them, they were a dream to work with and you can see from the photos what a perfect day we had!

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post about the story of Simon and Fiona’s day. Get in touch today to find out how I can help you have a lovely and relaxed day with a personal ceremony. Once again, please help spread the word, why not email this to a friend who is recently engaged and planning their Wedding or share it on Facebook. Thank you!

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Alice & Tom’s Beautiful Family Home Wedding

 (Stunning photography by the talented Andy Gaines)


Alice and Tom first got in touch after a quick google search. It was a matter of moments before we arranged a meeting at Barton Grange Garden Centre (one of my personal favourite places) and got to know each other over a lovely cup of tea! We discussed all the things they had already planned for their day and all the ideas for their ceremony. I was so happy they booked the very next day!

After emails back and forth we began creating their perfect personal ceremony, we agreed a final draft a month before and arranged a date for a rehearsal.

Alice’s home is so important to her, it has many wonderful childhood memories and she couldn’t think of anywhere else she would rather celebrate their marriage. At their stunning home with her loving family and all their friends.

At the rehearsal the day before, we walked through where the ceremony would take place, where Alice and Tom would stand, where they would walk to afterwards and where the guests should be guided to.  


The sun was shining, the house looked truly amazing, with all the flowers blooming in the garden. The orangery glass roof was covered in flowers which gave it that “wow”  factor.  The arch of flowers perfectly framed where they stood and was absolutely outstanding! Tom was in good form on the day and I along with his groomsmen managed to keep him calm. I popped into see Alice who, you can quite clearly see, looked absolutely beautiful. She was so calm and relaxed with her bridesmaids and mum helping her into her dress.

When all the guests were seated, the pianist Richard Hyman began, I asked everyone to stand and all heads turned as the 6 bridesmaids then Alice and her proud dad Stuart walked in.  I always get goosebumps at this part, Tom had to gather himself as he was completely blown away when Alice walked towards him.  It is one of the best moments ever! Both Tom’s father and Alice’s mother shared their chosen readings including one of my favourites from The Bible, Corinthians. After our couple shared their personal promises which they had wrote themselves, they exchanged and wore their wedding rings for the very first time.

Before closing the ceremony I asked Alice and Tom to take a moment, look all around, at the home and how gorgeous it looked, at all their family and friends, then I asked them to turn and look at each other and register how they both felt, before announcing them as husband and wife. Claps, cheers and whooooops as our beautiful couple kissed before walking outside into the glorious sunshine followed by all their guests.

After a lovely glass of champagne and speaking to a few guests, I wished the happy couple the best for the future and left them to their celebrations. Alice and Tom have kept in touch ever since and voted in The Wedding Industry Awards. In the future who knows… maybe I will be lucky enough to be invited back to celebrate a new addition to the family!

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