Wedding trends for 2019 every newly engaged couple should know!

Our lead celebrant Louise gives her lowdown on what every couple should note planning for their 2019 wedding….


Conscious ceremonies

The royals have lead the way for eco conscious weddings, avoiding plastic where possible, recycling the flowers and turning them into little bouquets for gifts to thank guests, using eco conscious fabrics. With it officially being cool to be healthy there will also be a shift towards whole food buffets and vegan feasts! Move over hog roast…


3 piece suits

With the increase of more vintage styles for men, we will also see the return of the 3 piece suit. Very dapper indeed!

Colour pop!

Bored of the classic white decor, we’ll be seeing more and more couples embrace bright colours and a bold aesthetic. From coloured bridal dresses and suits to gorgeous floral arrangements and themes. Rather than sticking to 1 colour we will also see a mixture of beautiful vibrant colours.

Focus on the ceremony

Couples are choosing more and more to have the freedom to create a bespoke ceremony rather than opting for the standard choice that you get from a register office or church. By choosing this route it means couples can relax by having the chance to rehearse beforehand, include any readings and stories and hold their ceremony anywhere without limitation, offering more than what the traditional wedding scene has to offer. In 2019 I expect more couples want to create a more personal ceremony.


Bridesmen & Groomswomen

More couples are having “hag” (Hen + Stag do combined) dos to celebrate before the wedding so in 2019 we are also going to see more couples choosing their support on the day regardless of gender.

Illustrated invites

In the race to ensure weddings are better than the last couples are looking at the finer details too. Invites are now even commissioned to artists for a bespoke illustration and handwritten fonts.

Experimental & Alternative Touches

Each couple wants to make their wedding stand out, so with each and every wedding it is becoming more abstract with the finishing touches and entertainment. Even down to the wedding favours; Tarot readers, temporary tattoo artists, a festival line up of music, lamas, doughnuts…


Couples are stripping their ceremony back to basics and avoiding the stress (and costs!) of planning a big party wedding and opting for a personal and intimate elopement ceremony. I expect more and more couples will be choosing this route to save money on inviting hundreds of people and spend it elsewhere such as on their homes or for an extravagant honeymoon.

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