Tying the Knot

Symbolic handfastings are becoming more popular as couples choose to celebrate their marriage in an alternative way, we carry out many different variations of handfastings. We include your beliefs and create a unique ceremony staying true to your wishes and reflecting your personalities.

Originally a Celtic Ritual which sees two people being bound together gently by the wrists by cord or ribbon.

Have you ever wondered where the term ”Tying the Knot”, comes from?

This style of ceremony is a great way to include friends, family and loved ones,  whether you wish to surprise your chosen guests or they choose the binding knowing they have a role within your ceremony.

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Celtic Handfasting Ritual..

Did you know that a Handfasting Ceremony at one time was seen as an acceptable form of marriage in England throughout the middle ages?

A handfasting is a Celtic tradition very popular in Scotland.  It is also a ritual ceremony for people wishing to follow Wiccan or Pagan beliefs.

We create handfastings to include your faith and wishes, celebrating your marriage vows with the binding of your hands, the cords or ribbons are kept as a keepsake and record of your special day.

This is a wonderful alternative to a traditional wedding style ceremony, it gives you choice and freedom to create and design a unique element within any ceremony.

Initial Meeting

A free no obligation meeting to listen and discuss your ideas further, we can meet out of office hours either in person or via video call.


We always offer to walk through the logistics and ideas of your ceremony and how family and friends are to be included.

Ribbons / Cords

1m length of ribbon or cord of any colour can be purchased by yourselves, your guests or provided by ourselves.

Commemorative Certificate

Presented at the end of the ceremony which can be signed by yourselves and all guests who have taken part within the handfasting.

Talk to us about your ideas…

Sit down, gather all your notes and Pinterest ideas and give us a call to discuss your day.  Alternatively just send a quick text or fill out our easy contact form, with your questions or to check whether we are free for your special date.