A true celebration of life

We create a funeral service to celebrate, acknowledge and rejoice the life, for your loved one/family or friend. Creating a meaningful memorial that touches everyone present,  ensuring a message and understanding of the person who no longer with us and what they lived for.

Don’t want to leave your loved ones funeral service to chance. Your funeral director will help with most of the organising of the funeral, where to hold the service, crematorium, hall, location or venue which may have had meaning  to the deceased.  Whichever location is chosen ensure you have a time slot long enough as we understand you don’t want to have a rushed funeral, one where you feel not everything was said.  We understand that we must get the true meaning of the life your loved one led right.

As we help you start the mourning process, with an uplifting tribute to a life lived.

“Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories…”

Creating a memorable and personal celebration of life..

We are totally independent and can be booked directly by yourselves or your funeral director may have recommended us.  We have a wealth of experience are are trained to understand how to help families commemorate and celebrate life. We are not aligned to any faith but can include any religious or personal beliefs, light candles, prayers or readings within our services.  We meet you and spend time with family and friends to capture a true ‘picture’ of the heart and soul of the deceased in order to create a memorable service.

We can assist in choosing readings, prayers, memorial ideas which reflects the legacy of the deceased.  Along with a Celebration of Life Service we also provide graveside committal services, annual or special remembrance services.  We are happy to work alongside your chosen funeral director, leaving them to focus on the logistics of the funeral as we undertake to complement their role by focusing on the delivery of a memorable service for your loved one.


Remember there are no restrictions for your loved ones funeral; So you can say and include everything you want. Whether it be a traditional, formal,  alternative, symbolic or semi-religious and held at your family home, any crematorium, graveside or outdoor space.

Help & Support

We understand it is a very difficult time for family or loved one left behind and arranging a funeral can be daunting.  We have a wealth of experience and are equipped with a wide range of poems, readings, prayers, songs and hymns which can be used to create a perfect service.

Amazing Value

We pride ourselves on having competitive prices and amazing value. We charge no more than many other Funeral Celebrants or Ministers and our fee includes a meeting, creating and delivering a personal funeral service.

Relax and Enjoy

After an initial consultation we arrange a free, no obligation meeting!  (Either in person or via video call whichever suits you).  After this you can book and have peace of mind knowing your loved ones funeral is in safe hands!

Talk to us about your ideas…

Sit down, gather all your notes from talking with family, take a deep breathe and give us a call to discuss how we can help you. Alternatively send a quick text or fill out our easy contact form, with all your questions or even just to check whether we are available for the dates you had in mind.